What is MAC?

MAC is a group of artists who live with mental health issues.


Make art.

Be well.

Mission of ‘My Artist's Corner’

MAC’s mission is to empower individuals to explore their artistic potential on their journey of mental health and wellness.

‘We find that creation of art can be deeply healing and is often a powerful force for recovery’

MAC Co-ordinator

What we do

MAC helps members build meaningful lives by creating and maintaining a culture of belonging and recovery. Our Studio Program provides a safe and welcoming environment to create art, with high-quality instruction in art techniques, using artist-quality materials. There are many opportunities for exposure, engagement and leadership in the community at large. Members take pride in producing & selling their art pieces & art cards, as well as hosting their Annual Art Show and Sale at Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.

Our Objectives:

- To provide a safe and welcoming environment for our members to create, display and sell art

- To provide high quality instruction in art techniques,

- To promote our artists’ work in the community at large

MAC Membership:

is open to adults living with mental health issues who reside in Burnaby or New Westminster.

How to Join MAC:

We have prepared a checklist. The steps are:

Contact Teresa (Program Coordinator) at 778.855.1704 or myartistscorner.1@gmail.com

Attend 1 session of our MAC orientation 'Actively Artistic'

(second & fourth Thursdays at 1:30pm)

Become a member of ECHO (Burnaby) or New Leaf (New Westminster)

Have the checklist signed off by a Staff member AND THEN…

Bring the checklist with you for a ‘Free Trial’ day at MAC!

Questions? Email Teresa at myartistscorner.1@gmail.com to get more information.


Monthly Membership Fee is $20/month (regardless of how often you attend), and every member contributes 30 minutes of volunteer time each month.

Members may apply to the Rehab Fund for help in covering the Monthly Fee.

MAC is a member-driven program with many volunteer opportunities - promoting

the group’s art & art cards, helping with setting up or taking down art shows, leadership, instructing classes and raising funds.

Vincent Van Gogh

"What would life be like if we had no courage to attempt anything?"


Vincent Van Gogh



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!!!! Visit Place des Arts Feb 15 to March 16 for our show 'Fashion & Hats!' !!!!
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