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Next MAC Show; April 7th at 100 Braid Street Studios; Galaxy!

  • And our Shadbolt Show will be Saturday OCTOBER 13th!

  • WHAT IS MAC....?

    My Artist's Corner

    MAC is a group of artists who live with mental health issues


    'We find that creation of art can be deeply healing and is often a powerful force for recovery.'

    MAC Coordinator

    We value the opportunity, in terms of space, time, and materials to create art which in turn increases self confidence, reduces isolation and helps in developing social skills. As we build supportive relationships with our peers, we find new ways to express ourselves and to forge new connections with the larger community.

    Picture display

  • The MAC program is open to people living in Burnaby and New Westminster.
  • MAC has three objectives:

    • To provide a safe and welcoming environment for our members to produce, display and sell art
    • To provide our members with high quality instruction in art techniques
    • To promote our artists’ work in the community at large

    Membership in MAC:

    How to Join MAC:

  • 1) become a member of your clubhouse (ECHO if you live in Burnaby, NEW LEAF if you live in New Westminster).

  • 2) Attend 1 session of ‘Actively Artistic’, which is a short art program, and gives an orientation to the MAC program. These sessions run at the ECHO clubhouse, usually on the first & third Thursdays at 1:30 pm, however it is always good to confirm. (Call ECHO at 604.526.9606, or send an email to You will receive a MAC referral checklist to keep track of these steps.

  • 3) Attend 1 other Clubhouse program (at ECHO if you live in Burnaby, at NEW LEAF if you live in New Westminster.)

  • 4)Have your checklist signed off by a Staff member
  • 5) Bring the checklist with you for a ‘Free Trial’ day at MAC!

  • Questions? Email Teresa at to get more information.

    Available to adults with mental health issues. The MAC program is open to people living in Burnaby and New Westminster.

    Membership is $10.00/month (regardless of how often you attend), and every member contributes 30 minutes of volunteer time each month. Members can apply to the Rehab Fund for help in covering the annual fee for supplies/instruction which is $100.00/year.

    Members are encouraged to attend regularly, be punctual and open to learning in a small group setting.

    MAC is a member-driven program with many volunteer opportunities such as leadership,  being a committee member, instructing and fund raising.

    Georgia O'Keefe "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way...
    things I had no words for".

    Georgia O'Keefe